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Smart Classroom

Bringing the future of learning into the present, the Smart Classroom located in Qualcomm Institute San Diego is a unique, interactive educational environment built on Unreal Engine 5. This project is a result of advanced AR/VR technology and modern architectural methods, aimed to enhance the digital learning experience. It leveraged BIM (Building Information Modelling) and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to recreate a high-fidelity digital twin of the classroom.

Researchers & Developers: Giovanni, Danny, David, Sandy, Chung-Ta



Incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as UE5, AR/VR, BIM, LiDAR, and AI, the Smart Classroom sets a new standard for digital learning. It's more than just a virtual learning environment; it's a dynamic, interactive space that fosters collaboration, engagement, and immersive learning. We are currently working on the full body IK tracking only depends on the VR headset by creating our own Recognition system. 

Use Cases

The Smart Classroom is a transformative platform designed to revolutionize the learning process and collaboration across various contexts, including high schools, universities, and corporate settings. Our platform addresses numerous HCI challenges, particularly around user accessibility and engagement in a digital environment.

Demo 1 Breif Description


SmartDesk is a feature designed to streamline communication and note-taking within the virtual environment. A specially designed keyboard UI for chat and notes has been developed on Figma, providing users with a seamless and intuitive interface for multi-player interaction and collaboration.

sandy tests table ui

sandy tests table ui

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table UI (1).png

Virtual Space with Avatars

In the Smart Classroom, avatars and metahumans offer life-like representations of users, developed through advanced tools like Polycam and RealityCapture. This crucial feature facilitates richer interaction, fostering a sense of physical presence and community, thus driving more engaging discussions and cooperation within this immersive learning experience.

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